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Our Top Recommendations

Investing Money

The Royal Mint

This British company creates beautifully designed products, and it is the leading export mint in the world. Find amazing coin collections, gifts, and more to celebrate every special occasion. Don’t forget to ask about investment opportunities, unique experiences, and even currency solutions with a company that has a 1,100-year history.

Peer Street

No matter what your level of investing is, you will find investment success with Peer Street. This is the top marketplace-lending platform for real estate loans that have otherwise been nearly impossible to achieve. The interface is simple to use, and there are loads of tools for investors of all levels.

Rocket Dollar

How would you like to diversify your retirement portfolio using any IRS-allowable asset class? You can start with Rocket Dollar. This is the place to go for all your investments, whether they are traditional or alternative. You won’t be limited to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds when using this investment tool.


This startup is based in Menlo Park, California, and offers stock, ETF, option, and cryptocurrency trading with an app that can be used with iPhone and Android devices. Robinhood is free to download, and all trades are commission-free, so you won’t be charged for trading through Robinhood.

Investing Money

Creating A Budget


Keeping track of your personal finances doesn’t have to be difficult when you are using PocketSmith. This software tool will help you easily see your assets and liabilities, and it can even create a forecast of your future spending habits. Launched in 2008, PocketSmith has a track record you can trust.


If you want an online budgeting program that is easy to use, doesn’t link to your bank accounts and will help keep your budget on track, HoneyMoney is for you. It will help you organize all your finances online so you and your partner can enter all your financial information from any device.


Formerly known as Fortora Fresh Finance, Moneyspire is personal finance software and accounting software for small businesses. There is a Windows version and one for macOS. This software will help you to track bills, budgets, investments, loans, bank accounts, and a whole lot more, and imports data from multiple files.


It doesn’t take long to end up broke after paying interest, hidden fees, and more. Charlie can help reduce how much interest you are paying and help you to decide which debt to pay first. It will move money into that debt, and you will eventually see your bank account boosted instead of being negative.

Creating A Budget

Saving Money


This US mobile tech company is based in Denver, Colorado, and it lets users earn cash back on in-store, mobile app, and online purchases. All you do is submit your receipts or other verification of purchase. You can also get discounts on dining, purchases, and more, all through a smartphone app.


If you want to negotiate your cable and cell phone bills, as well as some other monthly bills, check out BillCutterz. This company, based in Texas, has an excellent reputation, and you will find terrific reviews on several blogs and websites. They can help negotiate your bills so you can keep your head above water. is a mobile app that will help you save hundreds of dollars by using free, paperless grocery coupons at the stores where you shop. You can link store loyalty cards, add the coupons, and then save money while you shop for the items you use every day.

Grocery Budget Makeover

In 10 weeks, you can change how you shop for groceries. This video course from Grocery Budget Makeover will show you new ways to feed your family on a budget and still be able to enjoy healthy meals. In addition, there are worksheets and other printable resources, cooking demos, and a whole lot more.

Saving Money

Business Formation


ZenBusiness is a tool for anyone who wants to start and grow their own business. You can use this site to prepare documents, choose and register business names, file reports, and even set up your own website and domain name. Choose a personalized plan, or create your own plan with the help of ZenBusiness.

Inc File

Inc File will help you with everything you need to start up your own business. This includes a full array of startup services, including bookkeeping, so not only does it help you start, but it will also help you along the way as your business grows. And it is also affordable.

Inc Authority

Here is a business formation service that is unlike the others. Inc Authority has a team of startup experts who will help you with every step of your startup to make sure you start off on the right foot. Then, all you have to do is pay the state fees, and Inc Authority will take care of everything else.

Business Formation

Business Plans


Make planning your business, including budgeting, performance tracking, and forecasting, a lot easier by using LivePlan. You can set your business goals, look at your own performance compared to other businesses in the same industry, see numbers in the simplified dashboard, and more, all for less than $20 monthly.

Business Plans

Online Legal Advice

Rocket Lawyer

It is your right to have a solid legal defense, and Rocket Lawyer strives to make all legal services accessible and affordable for everyone. Rocket Lawyer offers free legal information and documents, and you will be able to access licensed attorneys for legal representation that you can afford., Inc.

Here is a company that will help you create legal documents without always paying for a lawyer. Some of the documents available to you from, Inc. include wills, living trusts, documents for forming a new business, copyright registrations, trademark applications, and more. You can even get attorney referrals and other services.

Legal Nature

Legal Nature works hard to ensure the legal system is easy for you to understand. This service is affordable for businesses as well as individuals. Legal Nature offers the best legal products, and the process is much less time-consuming and a lot easier to understand than most similar services.

My Company Works

My Company Works has one goal: making it easy for anyone to start their own business, even on a small budget. As a result, they have helped thousands of clients form new companies, and My Company Works is one of the most extensive incorporation and LLC formation providers in the US.

Law Depot

If you need legal services in Canada that are affordable, check out Law Depot. They have more than 150 document templates to help you protect your estate, manage rental properties, set up a new business, etc. In addition, millions of users have been able to create their own customized legal documents without having to spend a fortune.

Online Legal Advice

Online Accounting Services


Bookkeeping is one of those necessary inconveniences every business owner must deal with. Bench will ensure that you have a team of experts in small business to help with your bookkeeping needs. There will be no overdue books, your taxes will be filed online, and you will have access to many other services.

Online Accounting Services

Online Business Insurance


Hiscox Ltd. is an underwriter at Lloyd’s of London, and specializes in particular market areas, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. They offer casualty and property insurance for companies and individuals with a high net worth and cover such things as satellite damage, kidnapping, and hacking.

State Farm

George J. Mercherle, a farmer, formed a mutual auto insurance company owned by policyholders, State Farm, in 1922. Originally for auto insurance for farmers, the company expanded to offer a full range of insurance services, including life insurance and homeowners’ insurance, as well as financial and banking services.

Online Business Insurance

Online Banks


Formerly TransferWise, Wise offers online personal and business banking, as well as affordable international money transfers. A Wise multi-currency account allows you to receive, send, and track your money around the world. The Wise app lets you manage your money and receive notifications on your phone, and the Wise debit Mastercard enables you to spend money in the currency of your choice. The Wise card is compatible with Apple Pay and is accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted.


OFX offers bank-beating rates on international money transfers, with 24/7 live support. OFX works with more than 50 currencies in over 190 countries and lets you check rates, transfer money, and track transactions with their app. In addition, OFX allows you to get the best exchange rates by locking in a rate up to 12 months in the future, or set a target transfer rate and only transfer money when the price is right.


TorFX has repeatedly been recognized as International Money Transfer Provider of the Year. TorFX offers personal service with your own account manager and 24/7 money transfers online, with their app, or over the phone. They offer excellent exchange rates and fee-free transfers, with award-winning service and support for business and personal accounts.


Xe offers global money transfers, supporting more than 139 currencies in over 220 countries. In addition, they offer free personal accounts that give you bank-beating money transfer rates, with transfers online, by phone, or using their app. Xe has enterprise-grade security that protects your money, and over 46,000 Trustpilot reviewers give Xe an ‘excellent’ rating.


Payoneer is an online banking platform for e-commerce businesses to work around the world. Recognized as one of Forbes’ FinTech 50, Payoneer lets digital businesses grow globally, reach new markets, and get paid in their local currency at great rates. With Payoneer, entrepreneurs can create local accounts, pay VAT, pay global suppliers, and even access working capital. 

Online Banks

Buying and Building Websites

Human Proof Designs

Since its inception in 2013, Human Proof Designs has helped launch thousands of online businesses. Human Proof Designs offers training for online entrepreneurs and helps start and grow affiliate websites, dropship, and e-commerce sites, lead generation sites and grows businesses with SEO and investor services. They make it fast and easy to start and grow a profitable online business.

FE International

FE International is a professional broker and M&A advisor that offers personalized service. Since 2010, FE International has brokered the sale of more than 1000 online businesses, with a 94.1% success rate. Their highly efficient, data-driven process lets entrepreneurs buy and sell profitable online businesses with safe, transparent, quality service.


Flippa is a global online marketplace where people can buy and sell websites, online businesses, apps, and more. With Flippa, entrepreneurs can quickly and easily start a business, profit from a side hustle, or buy a profitable app, with investment opportunities beginning at less than $2,500. Flippa offers everything from low-maintenance e-commerce sites, passive income apps, profitable niches, and more.

Buying and Building Websites

Outsourcing Business Tasks


99designs is recognized around the world as an effective and affordable marketplace for cutting-edge design. Whether you need a logo or a T-shirt, web or print design, a book cover, or more, 99designs makes it fast and easy. Their platform allows you to connect and work with a specific designer or start a contest to receive a vast range of designs and pick your favorite.


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace where you can outsource various services, from web design to content creation to managing your social media accounts. Fiverr creators offer high-quality services that fit every budget, with 24/7 support and protected transactions, so you always get what you are paying for.


Dating back to 1998, Upwork is the largest freelancer marketplace in the world. With 18 million freelancers, 5 million clients, and over 1 billion in annual transactions, it allows you to connect with a wide range of global talent in every skill, at every price range. In addition, Upwork connects you with freelancers, protects transactions, and hosts a collaboration platform to make outsourcing easy.

Outsourcing Business Tasks

Selling Your Business

FE International

FE International offers expertise and guidance to get the most value from your assets when it’s time to sell your online business. Their global marketplace exposes your offer to a vast range of potential buyers, and they protect your interests by making great deals. As a result, FE International’s award-winning brokerage has sold over 1,000 online businesses with a 94.1% success rate.


Flippa makes it fast and easy to sell your online business, and it’s the #1 online marketplace to sell e-commerce, Shopify, affiliate sites, and more. They allow you to choose which potential buyers can bid on your business and only take their commission when the deal is completed. It takes just 15 minutes to list your site on Flippa, and over 1.5 million users are ready to buy.

Selling Your Business

Design Tools for Digital Content


Canva makes it easy to create your own beautiful, professional designs. With thousands of templates, drag-and-drop convenience, and expert support and resources, you can design logos, infographics, presentations, brochures, and even create videos. In addition, Canva’s tools make it easy to collaborate with a team, and they offer a free plan, so there’s no cost to get started.


Envato is a one-stop platform for all your creative needs. Envato lets you access millions of stock photos, audio clips, fonts, and design templates, or create your own custom designs. In addition, Envato Market is the largest theme marketplace globally, where a community of creatives offers templates, site themes, and more. So, whether you want to buy it or build it, Envato has the tool.


Adobe offers the creative tools professionals use, with cloud-based services that let you use Photoshop, Acrobat, and cutting-edge design and photography tools. Adobe also provides a massive stock image library and professional video editing tools, so you can create anything you can imagine. Adobe also offers a wide range of solutions to help you grow a digital business.


Visme is a simple, comprehensive tool for creating all your brand assets in one place. You can create presentations and business documents, charts and infographics, social posts, and even short videos and animations. Visme has packages designed for individuals or collaborative teams and is used by over 10 million customers, including global brands like IBM and Unilever.

Design Tools for Digital Content

Email Marketing Services


ConvertKit is a comprehensive suite of services designed to help grow your company. With ConvertKit, you can manage all your email marketing, from designing emails, sign-up forms, and landing pages, to automating your marketing and boosting conversions. ConvertKit also has a seamless migration service that makes it easy to switch.


MailChimp is a single platform that lets you analyze your marketing data, manage your channels, and reach your goals faster. You can create and manage campaigns that integrate email, social ads, landing pages, print brochures, and more for a comprehensive overview of all your marketing efforts. MailChimp’s AI-powered design tools, marketing automation, and analytics help grow a business. 


Sendy makes email marketing easy and affordable. Unlike other services, where costs increase as your subscriber list grows, Sendy allows you to host your own newsletters and send trackable, authenticated bulk emails at a fraction of the cost. In addition, Sendy offers autoresponders, list segmentation, white-label reports, custom domains, and third-party integrations at an affordable rate.


HubSpot’s marketing suite offers a host of features and powerful capabilities on a single easy to use platform, saving you time. With HubSpot, you can create and publish content, manage social media, track and manage ad campaigns, improve your SEO, and even use bots to convert customers in real-time. In addition, HubSpot offers affordable packages and 24/7 support so you can grow.


Aweber has all the tools you need to turn your customers into your fans. Aweber offers email marketing with a simple drag-and-drop editor, custom landing pages with a vast image library, and web push notifications that drive traffic and increase sales. You can also use Aweber to track sales and analyze your performance to improve over time.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers everything you need for a successful online business. With Constant Contact, you can create an e-commerce website with marketing services built-in from the beginning and grow your brand with robust email marketing tools. You can also use Facebook and Instagram posts to boost traffic and get real-time reporting and analytics. 

Email Marketing Services

Accounting Software


QuickBooks has powerful, simple accounting tools for starting and growing online businesses. You can track expenses, create invoices, run reports, and be tax-ready with QuickBooks, and manage your accounts from anywhere on multiple devices. In addition, QuickBooks automatically syncs with your bank and a suite of other apps, so your accounts are always current and accurate. QuickBooks has packages for businesses of any size and is used by over 4.5 million customers worldwide.


Xero simplifies the process of managing your business, saving you time and making it easy to keep your books. With Xero, you can pay bills, claim expenses, accept payments, track projects, and more. Bank syncing and reconciliation tools keep your accounts up to date and your transactions organized. You can also store and track documents, inventory and work in up to 160 currencies.


FreshBooks has accounting features designed for businesses of all sizes and types. FreshBooks offers invoicing, expenses, time tracking, payments, and reporting, along with project tracking and more, with mobile connectivity and over 100 integrations into the other tools you use, like Stripe, Slack, Gmail, MailChimp, and more. Over 24 million people use FreshBooks, and they offer a free trial.


Sage goes beyond accounting to help you manage your whole business. Sage offers AI-powered financials and analytics, billing and time tracking, as well as HR, CRM, and planning tools to help you succeed. Sage also enables you to track and manage fixed assets. Sage has won the SaaS Awards and been awarded top scores in satisfaction and reliability by PC Magazine.

Accounting Software

Internet Security


Kaspersky offers award-winning security solutions for homes and businesses of all sizes. Kaspersky is easy to use and offers ‘set it and forget it’ solutions that protect Windows and Mac computers and laptops, as well as Windows file servers to keep all your most valuable data secure. In addition, Kaspersky lets you manage and monitor your protection status, protect your passwords, and back up your data.


Norton provides cybersecurity with a massive range of options and features. With Norton, you can protect your devices from hackers, guard your online activity with a VPN, and even protect your identity from thieves. Norton is used by more than 50 million customers and blocks thousands of cyber threats every second. It’s won the PCMag Editor’s Choice awards 46 times and is rated ‘excellent’ by AV-Test.


McAfee offers total protection that secures your identity, your online communications and protects your devices from viruses. McAfee’s Total Protection protects your finances and personal information from hackers and fraud and automatically generates and stores complex passwords. In addition, their VPN keeps your transactions and private information safe and alerts you to dangerous or fraudulent links while you surf.

AVG AntiVirus

AVG AntiVirus offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services. AVG AntiVirus not only protects your data from viruses and hackers, but it also protects your privacy with a VPN, protects your webcam, and even protects you from ransomware. Even better, AVG AntiVirus offers a TuneUp feature that makes your PC run smoother, longer, and faster by removing bloatware and freeing up memory.

Bitdefender Plus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is a lightweight antivirus that protects your PC from all viruses and ransomware. It also prevents phishing and fraud when shopping online and offers a secure VPN to protect your privacy. Bitdefender is famous for having the best, most comprehensive protection with the least impact on performance, and it’s also affordably priced.

ESET Smart Security Program

ESET Smart Security Program protects Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux devices and guards your shopping, banking, work, and communications. ESET’s comprehensive security protects all your devices and platforms with a single license, prevents unauthorized access to your data and accounts, and also protects webcams and smart IoT home devices. ESET also has cybersecurity solutions for businesses of all sizes, so it can grow with you.

Internet Security

Social Media Tools

Social Pilot

Social Pilot meets all your social media marketing needs in a single package at an affordable price. Social Pilot supports more social networks than other tools, and lets you create, schedule, and publish posts on a huge range of sites. In addition, it has a social inbox so you can engage with all your accounts and platforms from a single interface and robust reporting and analytics tools.


Hootsuite lets you manage all your social accounts with simple, calendar-based scheduling and accessible, integrated engagement. You can monitor mentions, trends, and conversations in single threads for easy tracking. Hootsuite also lets you create high-quality content with your own image assets, gain insight from reports and analytics, and collaborate with team members.


Ripl puts the ‘media’ in social media to easily create and share text, videos, and animation and post online. Ripl has thousands of customizable templates and a vast content library, and you can set your brand font and color preferences, as well as storing your logo for easy integration into your content. Then schedule and share your posts anywhere, anytime, with the Ripl mobile app.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social uses social media to transform your business. When you use Sprout Social to truly understand your audience, you uncover trends and insights that can inform your marketing, brand, and even your entire business strategy. With the ability to listen and analyze and publish and automate, Sprout Social is trusted by more than 25,000 brands.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is the easiest way to schedule posts, monitor your social channels, and create customized reports to measure your performance. You can use Zoho Social to create and visualize your entire social content pipeline, with flexible scheduling that predicts the best time to post and a monitoring dashboard that lets you engage with your audience no matter where they are.

Social Media Tools

Project Management Tools


Monday is a comprehensive tool that lets you manage all your workflows. You can use Monday to plan, track, deliver all your projects, and visualize your work as a calendar, timeline, Kanban cards, and more. In addition, Monday lets you automate repetitive tasks, integrates with your existing tools, and can be set up in just minutes.


ClickUp™ lets you and your team plan, track, organize, and collaborate on all your projects in the same place. You can create your favorite workflow and visualize it as a list, Gantt chart, calendar, or choose customizable views. In addition, ClickUp™ has dashboards that let you see everything at a glance and time tracking that lets you plan smarter. 


Kissflow is a digital workspace that lets you manage and track all of your work. With end-to-end workflows, intuitive project management, case management, and robust collaboration tools, Kissflow enables you to work faster, easier, and more effectively. As a result, over 10,000 customers, including Casio, Sega, Sears, and Pepsi, trust Kissflow with their projects. 

Zoho Projects

According to PCMagazine, Zoho Project has more features than many other project management tools, and it helps you plan and track your projects while collaborating with your team. Zoho Projects lets you plan activities, manage resources, assign tasks, and track everything to completion with the detail of Gantt charts and the power of Zoho’s intuitive interface.


Clarizen is a project management system that lets you focus on important goals, support different work styles, and respond faster. Designed for agile businesses, Clarizen has tools for your entire pipeline, from strategy to planning to execution, that align teams and promote accountability. Clarizen was recognized as one of the Top 50 Best Software Companies in 2021 and is trusted by brands like Siemens, DeBeers, and Cisco.

Project Management Tools

Customer Service Management Tools


Freshdesk has everything you need for great customer experiences, including omnichannel support, self-service solutions, and bots to respond to your customers day and night. Freshdesk streamlines customer conversations into a single place, automates repetitive tasks and allows your service teams to collaborate and resolve issues faster. Freshdesk is used by more than 40,000 companies, including HP, DHL, American Express, and Harvard University, to delight customers.


HubSpot’s Service Hub has all the tools you need to delight customers, no matter what size your business is. For example, you can add routing information to tickets to prioritize and resolve issues faster, build a knowledge base so customers can help themselves, automate repetitive tasks, and offer live contextual chat. In addition, HubSpot’s reporting dashboard helps improve performance, and HubSpot offers packages that grow with your business.


Zendesk connects your web, mobile, and social apps into a single conversation that connects with customers on any channel. Zendesk is flexible and customizable, so you can adapt it to your needs, manage customer data, and provide outstanding customer experiences. Zendesk is trusted by Mailchimp, Uber, Tesco and has a risk-free free trial.


LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that combines all your communication channels into a single service pipeline. LiveChat’s customer experience is familiar, simple, and proactive, so you can respond faster and solve problems before they begin. In addition, LiveChat offers task automation, intelligent routing and even supports lead generation and boosts sales. 

Zoho Desk

Zoho’s customer service desk uses the power of contextual awareness to improve productivity, support self-service, provide cross-functional support, and delight your customers. Zoho Desk offers omnichannel support, workflow automation, robust self-service options, and AI-powered intelligence on a platform that is compatible with all the other apps and tools you use. In addition, Zoho Desk works across verticals and scales to businesses of every size.

Customer Service Management Tools

CRM Software


Keap’s platform has helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses. With Keap, you can collect more leads, convert more clients, and create customer experiences that add lifetime value. Ranked the #1 CRM for ease of use by Business News Daily, Keap combines your CRM with sales, marketing, and service for everything you need.

HubSpot’s CRM

HubSpot’s CRM is powerful, easy to use, and completely free. With HubSpot’s CRM, you get complete visibility into your sales pipeline, up-to-the-minute deal tracking, and time-saving tools and automation. In addition, HubSpot’s database of over 20 million businesses quickly populates your contacts, and you can meet, call, chat, or schedule from a single interface.


ActiveCampaign is a complete customer experience platform with tools that manage email marketing, CRM, and marketing automation. ActiveCampaign is the #1 automation platform that provides excellent customer experiences and generates leads in less time. Boost your reach and audience engagement, capture and nurture your best leads, convert and close deals, and provide exceptional support on a single platform.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials has all the power of Salesforce’s famous CRM and sales tools in a package designed for small businesses. In addition, Salesforce Essentials has built-in intelligence that lets you sell smarter and faster and provide exceptional service to every customer. Salesforce Essentials can scale as your business grows, and you can start instantly with an easy setup.


Zoho has a top-rated CRM that lets you build lasting customer relationships. In addition, Zoho offers omnichannel communication that lets you reach customers wherever they are, automate repetitive tasks, and get real-time reports and insights. As a result, Zoho’s conversational AI helps you sell smarter, and Zoho’s award-winning CRM gets top ratings from critics and consumers.


Pipedrive is more than a CRM. It’s a sales pipeline that lets you focus on the right actions at the right time to sell 28% more. Pipedrive’s focus on workflows, actions, and results makes this CRM more effective than a simple database or communication channel. In addition, it’s easy to use, simple to set up and has 93% customer satisfaction.


Octopus is a CRM tool that focuses on using your LinkedIn network and LinkedIn tools to maximize results. Octopus automates the process of expanding your reach and building new connections, simplifying your prospecting and building an effective marketing funnel. In addition, octopus integrates with other popular tools like Zapier and HubSpot so you can manage campaigns across all your networks.

CRM Software